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10 DIY Tips to Keep Your Inland Empire Pool Pristine Clean!

Before We get to the 10 DIY Pool tips.  Here are 10 reasons we love California’s Inland Empire.


  1.  The Inland Empire is vast. It covers not only San Jose Hills, Cherry Valley, Palm Springs, Rancho Cucamonga , Chino Hills, Chino, San Bernardino, Alta Loma, Mentone but it also includes Mountain areas like Big Bear an Lake arrowhead.


      2. Some of the best fruit south of Santa Barbara is grown and sold in the Inland Empire. 


      3. The wine country in Temecula has some of the best wines in Southern California and rivals Napa Valley.


     4. The price of property is very affordable relative to Los Angeles County with some of the nicest million-dollar homes that you ever want to see. 


     5. The ski resorts are top notch.


     6. The population in the Inland Empire is also very diverse. 


     7. The Auto Club Speedway also hosts one of the biggest races in NASCAR. 


     8. Marietta’s Bear Creek Golf and Country Club is a wonderful place to tee off. Legend has it that former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford played this course frequently.


   9. You can do some of the best shopping in Cabazon and also gamble at the Morongo and Pechanga Casinos.


  10.You can jet ski at Lake Arrowhead or sip hot cocoa before tackling the slopes at Mount Baldy.


After you finish enjoying the many things the I.E has to offer. And its time to entertain family by the pool or to unwind in your spa. Here are 10 things you can do to keep your pool pristine clean and available for when inspirations strikes.


      1. Make skimming leaves, toys  and debris on the surface and bottom of your pool a daily if not weekly routine.

      2. Make sure you scrub the sides/walls of your pool to prevent algae from building up.

      3. Make sure once a week you turn off your filter, lift out the filter basket and remove debris thereby preserving your filter’s lifespan.

     4. Clean out the pipes in your filter system by back-washing. This should be performed once a month.

     5. Make sure that your filter is set on a timer and runs at least 6 hours a day. Turning your filter off and on can cause the filter mechanical components to denigrate over time.

     6. Make sure your pool has consistent correct chemical levels at all times to prevent bacterial growth, algae and also irritation to skin and eyes. Maintain proper free chlorine levels, Cyanuric Acid, Acidity/Alkalinity, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness with frequent testing. Keep a few testing kits on-premises. Compare your result color by your kit’s sample colors to determine the proper chemical levels. Keep your pool pristine and safe.

    7. You can reduce the amount of different chemicals you use if they’re causing too skin irritation. By using baking soda. It’s nothing but good old sodium bicarbonate. It has the same concentration per pound as the sodium bicarbonate solution that you would purchase.

8. Make sure that you monitor the water level in your pool. The general rule is to maintain a level that is halfway to the opening of your skimmer.  Your pool’s water level can’t be too low or too high. If it’s too low, add more water via a garden hose. If it’s too high you can rent a submersible pump to bring the water level down. Always make sure that you recheck your chemical levels. Fluctuations in your water level can have your chemicals imbalanced. Always keep your pool pristine and safe.

9. You can eliminate oil slicks and sheen on top of your water with tennis balls. Natural oils from skin, suntan lotion or hair products can cause an unsightly sheen. However, you can absorb them with a tennis ball. Throw two or three tennis balls in your pool and the natural fibers absorb the oil and that will keep your pool pristine and pretty.

10. The key to having a pristine beautifully clean pool is the surrounding area has to be not only sanitary but visually. appealing. Make sure to have your pool area power washed at least twice a year. 


Those were 10 things you can do to keep your pool pristine clean, beautiful and ready for when inspiration strikes. We hope that we have provided maximum value thank you for visiting our blog. And if all of those 10 things sound a little overwhelming you can call us and schedule an appointment and we will be happy to service your pool or spa.