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How to Safely Enjoy a Pristine Pool During Summer in Rancho Cucamonga

Incorporated in 1977, Rancho Cucamonga is positioned in the San Bernardino County in sunny Southern California. It is 45 minutes east of Los Angeles and near both the Angeles National Forest, Big Bear, Mt Baldy and the San Bernardino National Forest.

Rancho Cucamonga receives sunny dry weather more often than not. Summer average daily temperatures are in the 90s, Thereby leaving plenty of time to entertain and frolic in your Rancho Cucamonga pool or Spa.

Here are a few tips on keeping your Rancho Cucamonga pool pristine and properly disinfected for use on those beautiful summer days in Rancho.

There are several ways to accomplish disinfecting your pool to get rid of microbes and most bacteria.  Two common methods are: bromine active oxygen chlorine. Bare in mind it is good to maintain the pH level in a normal range 

(7.0-8.5) to impede the growth of algae. You also want to make sure you don’t have turbidity and calcareous deposits.

Chlorinating water is the most consistent and normal method to disinfect your Rancho Cucamonga pool. The positives of this technique is disposal and neutralization of most pathogens. A few of the disadvantages of chlorination is the constant need to keep the proper chemical balance to fight pathogenic microbes and it’s hard for chlorine to rid your pool of spore-forming microorganisms. 

If you are prone to Skin irritation or have conditions such as eczema, another technique is disinfection by means of active oxygen. Active oxygen is typically safe and doesn’t leave formation of harmful products like chloramines which are chlorine by-products. The way you accomplish this is placing an oxygen-containing reagent chemical into the water and allowing it to decompose.

The oxygen is released over time and it reacts to any biological contamination by oxidizing it. The dosage will depend on the type of contamination contained in your pool. Neutralizing contamination in your pool by means of active oxygen has been proven to cause less irritation to your skin and your eyes when done properly. This method is most effective for indoor pools. You also must be careful to never overdose with the oxygen-containing regent because it can be more harmful health-wise than an overdose of chlorine.

If you choose to Minimize chemical usage to clean your pool, use Electrophysical water purification or in layman’s terms Ozone. Ozone is a active form of oxygen. It destroys viruses, spores and bacteria. The effectiveness of this is orders of magnitude greater than that of chlorine or using an active oxygen reagent. Ozone is odorless. It does not irritate the eyes or skin.  Another benefit is not being able to overdose when using ozone in your pool.

Another added benefit is there aren’t any harsh chemical byproducts resulting from the use of Ozone. Usually the best way to process large volumes of water it in your pool is to use an ozone generator & a chlorine station. The ozone will help sterilize the water and the chlorine is used for a residual concentration that inhibits pathogenic organisms growth. 

As with every method there are pros and cons. The cons of ozone are it does not have a residual dosage for a prolonged effect. You also have to watch inhalation of high concentration of ozone which can result in respiratory damage and acute problems with your lungs.


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