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Pool scum getting you down? You’re not alone. Most people would hesitate to swim in their pool because of the eyesore it poses, but if pro-active steps are taken, cleaning your pool can be a breeze.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning company is your answer to this problem. Professional pool cleaning companies normally offer services such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and even seasonal pool cleaning. These services ensure your pool is always clean and well maintained.

If you are interested in taking one of these services, there are many things to consider when finding that perfect company for your needs.

Green Algae

Green algae is a common occurrence, usually the result of neglect or poor pool maintenance. Pristine Pool Services is here to help! For over 16 years we’ve delivered fast results you can trust. We repair leaks, clean filters and pumps, and are absolute specialists at turning your gross green pool to a sparkling blue clear color all year long.

Why Does Green Algae Form In Your Pool? A green pool is often an indicator of poor pool maintenance. Sometimes it can be caused by excess nutrients or even excess heat. As a result, your pool may look greener than usual due to the presence of algae.

If you see green streaks on the bottom of your pool or if you notice it slowly spreading across the surface, then you should have us come out to check things out. We’ll be able to explain the best pool maintenance practices to take care of this issue.


In some cases, green algae growth may be due to a faulty pool chlorinator. Our services include the repair and maintenance of all types of chlorinators. So if you’re having trouble keeping your chlorine level stable, we can help!

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How Often Should You Have Your Pool Cleaned?

In general, a pool owner should have their pool cleaned once every 2 weeks for best results. This time frame may vary depending on the type of filtration system you have in use and how many people use your pool. For example, if there is a family of 8 in your household and you have a broken back-up system in use, it would be in your best interest to move up the cleaning time frame to once a week or even twice a week.


What Types Of Chemicals Are Used To Clean Pools?

There are two types of cleaners used in the pool industry. One is the “three-step” approach, which can be expensive and not very effective. The other type is the product called “scent free”, which is safe for your family and pets, but unfortunately do not last very long or leave behind much of a scent, making it necessary to reapply.

What is the “three-step” method? It is essentially the use of three types of cleaning products in an attempt to eliminate algae, bacteria and scum. The first step uses a cleaner that will dissolve the algae. The second step employs a metal sequestrant, which will trap metals so they cannot come into contact with water and cause staining. Finally, the third step utilizes a sequestering agent for phosphates, which can help prevent algae growth.

The problem with this method is that it requires a fairly large amount of work over a period of four to six days to achieve success. In addition, it can be quite expensive if you have a large pool. when it is time to re-clean or disinfect the pool for a season, you may have to hire a professional pool cleaner.

Does adding a “scent-free” product help? There are a few “scent-free” options available today, which have been designed to be safe for your family and pets. In the past, many of these products left behind a smell that was not very pleasant. However, their formulas have been recently redesigned and made more effective at eradicating algae from the water without any smell.

The downside to this method is that you will have to reapply it every week or two until your algae problem has been resolved.

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